University Faulty Forced to Take it From Black Supremacists

Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington is a symptom of the problem with the long-standing leftist infiltration on the education system within the United States. In this video, these “enlightened” people who claim to be students insult, berate, belittle, and talk down to school administrators and professors. I emphasize, “claim to be students” because apparently, they were present to teach and not to learn. Apparently, their world views is correct and everything else is the white many trying to subjugate them to oppression. Make no mistake these people are not fighting oppression, they are pushing the envelope so they can become the oppressor, and it worked. The faculty simply coward to the drama imposed by their slave masters. They were straight up cucked and passively swallowed everything given to them and it is disgusting. As a college educated taxpayer, my vote is that we end all public funding for this circus that has become what is call “higher education”. Since these people inflicted an estimated $10,000 in damages, why should tax payers fund this nonsense built on lies and misinformation. Furthermore, we should end government backed student loans, racist affirmative action laws, unconstitutional diversity policies, and overall the sickening infection of liberal ideas on America’s education system.



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