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RESPONSE: HUNDRED HOUR Anti Fascism Protest Outside Fox News Building

Here’s another example of how the extremist leftist’s, The Young Turk and their show Aggressive Progressives, are promoting the overthrow of the United States of America. They outwardly call for removal of our constitutional process by force by raising an army of millions of radicals. It’s clear from this video that they do not respect Americans that are liberal, Democrat, or Republican. If you are not from Sunsara Taylor’s Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) or Jimmy Door’s flavor of communism, you are a fascist and should be silenced and thrown out of office. These intolerant anti-American communists will not stop until they are universally recognized for being oppressive, totalitarian agents for the communist agenda, indeed enemy combatants, seeking to further infiltrate America so they can dissolve its founding principles. This is nothing short of seditious calls for revolution and the people need to know these people exist and have momentum behind their subversive cause.

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I'm a conservative with a background in information systems holding both a bachelor and master degree in that field. Having been born and raised deep behind the orange curtain in Orange County, California, I bring the unique perspective of a closeted conservative that moved to the southeast to escape the leftist society of the west.  =)

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