Culture Clash: Rape of the West

In the west, what third wave feminism overlooks is that there are times when women need the protection of men, such as in times of invasion.  This rejection by feminists has also polluted the minds of many men to believe that they have no responsibility to step up when a woman is threatened.   Make no mistake, in Europe and Canada women are under threat.  The culture is changing with the huge migration of people from Islamic regions where the very lifestyle of western women makes them be seen as inferior to even the migrants own Muslim women living by strict Islamic law and are too treated shamefully.  Many of these migrants come from war torn and disparate counties and that makes for a huge culture clash as they migrate in large numbers to areas in Europe that have largely become pacifist after the devastation of World War II.  With politicians bowing to Muslims, which are seen as their new voting bloc, crimes are buried, women are brutalized, and a rich culture that helped shaped the modern world is decimated.



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