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Pending War with North Korea, G20 F—kery, & Canada Sucks

Whether it be days, weeks, or months the North Korean regime will become a clear and present danger to the United States in the same way that it has been to our allies in the region.  With China failing to keep their boy in check, it falls on the United States to take action which the current Administration promises to do.  Although, this is likely a negotiation strategy orchestrated by China to obtain better trade deals from the Trump administration, it goes too far, and the United States government has signaled as much.  The likelihood of a drawn out military action is become increasingly unavoidable and the information coming out of the government seems to be easing the American people into that idea in preparation for what is to come.


From Asia to Europe, destabilization is abound.  During the G20 forum in Germany, communist and anarchy factions were out rioting in force.  It is obvious that the pacification of Germany post World War II was entirely too successful if the people of Germany stand by and allow these communist scumbags to infiltrate their society.  It was not too long ago that communism divided the country for a generation and allowed so many to be separated from their families and live in oppressive conditions.  And yet, we see these communist ignorantly fight to freely give away what little freedoms they still enjoy.  They protest government so they can impose a proved failed ideology that give a government more control over their lives.  It is a sick version of Marxist indoctrination that manifest itself as mass Stockholm syndrome and need to be stopped – “by any means necessary”, as they say.


We close this video by raising awareness as to just how much Canada has slipped its slope into a cesspool of political correctness.  How leftist ideology and thinking has seeped into its government at all levels, including its judiciary, to the point that it disgraced its bond with longtime ally along its southern border.   Under its current leadership, it has embraced Cultural Marxism and abandoned the principle of reason by shamelessly awarding a convicted war criminal, Jihadist, and foreign soldier with millions of dollars for being held to account for his war crimes – The ideal of justice is lost on Canada.



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I'm a conservative with a background in information systems holding both a bachelor and master degree in that field. Having been born and raised deep behind the orange curtain in Orange County, California, I bring the unique perspective of a closeted conservative that moved to the southeast to escape the leftist society of the west.  =)

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