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America’s 2nd Cold Civil War

Generally, Americans have a deep seated revolutionary spirit. It doesn’t matter if you are a lefty, a righty, or something in between, your heart soars at the patriotic notion for a fight for freedom and justice for all. The only caveat to this is how “for all” is interpreted and how it is subjectively aligned with our individual vision for freedom and justice. We have long since lost, it we ever really had, our universal faith in the Constitution and given it the proper unifying reverence it deserves. That this framework has given our Republic the ability to self-correct what has been revealed to be weaknesses and inequities within our great nation. Instead it has become a tool to advance the agenda of the few rather than to serve the people and preserve the Union.



Overall, Americans of yesterday disagreed on much, but for the most part, had faith in a somewhat shared set of principles and values. For today’s Americans, that can no longer be believed with any sense of honesty. More than one sinister force has emerged and the conflicting forces are wearing at the American idea that led to the wealth creating, socially mobile, and truly exceptional country it has been. There has been a pressure of dissent rumbling at the core of our nation for some time. Evermore frequently, we witness social unrest in ways that would not long ago seem unbelievably farfetched.


In my view, different sub-cultures in our nation have rung bells that cannot be un-rung. We are all dug into deep into our convictions and have grown so radically different in our beliefs. Even what might be considered so-called “moderates” these days are anchored to their beliefs believing their unshakable worldview is always the best course. We are already beyond a point that these different ideologies can build consensus to avoid war so the question becomes “when”, not “If”, a civil war will occur. I will take it a step further and propose to you that we are already in a civil war and have been so for a very long time. It is difficult for us all to grasp this reality because we fail to see the forest for the trees and understand that we are already in a cold civil war and preventing its escalation depends on our countrymen accepting this sobering fact.




Labelling our present state of affairs as a “cold civil war” may seem like just another grandiose term to capture headline attention, but the escalation of rhetoric and actions requires that we rightly recognize the difference between the typical political tension that exist in any nation and the type of blind righteousness prompting “resistance” action that we see today. While this escapes some people who do not pay attention to the news of the day or others who have their news filtered by main stream media, it is apparent when tapping into citizen and independent journalists that have given us live, raw, and unedited look at the various rallies, protests, riots, and speeches. A cold war can be commonly described as:


“a state of conflict between differing ideological interests that does not involve direct military action but is pursued primarily through economic and political actions, propaganda, acts of espionage or proxy wars waged by surrogates.”


Although, this thinking is primarily referencing nations, we can see similarities in how factions within our own country are in a constant state of undermining the other. This may be through the promotion and adoption of economic policies that serve to win the hearts and minds of supporters. It may also be with propaganda to gain supporters, not through appealing to their logic and reason, but using indoctrination to give the illusion of their superior ideas while vilifying their opponents with unsound arguments.   We also see the rich and elite (Bloomberg, Soros, etc.) spending vast sums of money to push their political agenda. Often these funds are ending up in nefarious groups intent on causing civil unrest and revolutionary action. When comparing the ideological subversive tactics commonly being used by factions in our country today with the same tactics used during the Soviet Cold War, one can objectively see the same type of demoralization strategies being used.

When reading the latest news article of the day, the civil unrest that is becoming ever more commonplace may seem spontaneous. As if the will of the people erupts from grassroots demanding that justice be served. Nothing is further from reality. Three thousand people do not spontaneously do anything, let alone organize speeches and marches. The truth is “community organizers” have become adept at massing and manipulating useful idiots that are easily used as pawns to meet the agenda of those seeking to meet long term, strategic agendas. There is in fact no chaos at all in this chaos, but rather a carefully orchestrated puppet show where most of the people on the ground being true believers without a clue that they and their organization have been led down the path by ideologues that are rich, connected, and more intelligent. What is sadder still is that the agenda of the puppet master is almost always directly opposed to the goals that the useful idiots seek to achieve. Ever since Republicans forced the Democrats to free their slaves, the left has used these tactics, but have thoroughly mastered them since re-creating their image and adopting extreme socialism. Their long term social agenda is obvious and straight out of KGB and Saul Alinsky manuals. To summarize, the left is crazy like a fox and their chaos is planned chaos and part of a roadmap planned decades beforehand. Those on the right would do well to quit laughing at the buffoons making fools of themselves because their goal is destabilization and by any reasonable measure they are achieving that increasingly.



The destabilization of America first began by subversion activities initiated by Soviet Union intelligence services. This is well documented and factual history. The recent news coverage and outrage about Russian involvement in undermining the American elections is amusing. People naively, ignorantly, or possibly dishonestly express with righteous indignation the thought of Russia meddling in our democratic process when they have unquestionably been doing so since the end of the second world war. By the fall of the USSR, the subversion of the American culture was already so wildly successful that so many on the left were unwittingly acting to bolster this counter culture with no further foreign manipulation tactics required. It took on self-propelled movements on their own. Indeed, the seeds of subversion were so firmly planted by the 1960s that irreversible harm was perpetrated on the American culture. If continued to be left unchecked and not supplanted with nationalistic, patriotic focus from our citizenry, America will reach a point of no return and will go the way of the European Union as slaves to Cultural Marxism.



The partisan divide has always been strained in America, but there is a new element that creates an unreconcilable difference. Liberals and the Right can always work together to find some common ground. Whichever is in the majority, they can advance their individual agendas to some extent until the balance of power shifts. The difference that is become more and more relevant is the far-left infiltration of the Democratic Party. The power holders and the base of the Democratic party are socialists and communists. Increasingly, the majority of young democrats do not favor the Capitalist system so the divides will only become more distant.


While we might despise much of the policies put in place by the left, there is not much that can be done to stop them except by putting in place constitutionally minded local, state, and federal representatives and holding them to account for how they represent us. Those on the right understood this all too well while suffering through Obama and his leftist agenda for eight years. The majority held their breath and abided their time until his socialist reign had ended. When the right took power, something had changed. We see undemocratic powers at work to obstruct the voice of the voters from being heard and well represented. We see media outlets, political organizations, celebrities, and the wealthy attempting to supersede the will of the voters to manipulate various subcultures in a wave of subversion unseen on our shores since 1776. We see leftist politicians leading rallying cries for violence and “resistance” to obstruct the elected American government from performing its duty to its citizens. Make no mistake about it Patriots, there was an extreme leftist takeover of the Democratic Party and their aim is to turn that take over into a coup of the United States of America, by any means necessary. The are pushing their already proven failed systems of socialism on the American people and when it is rejected they riot, assassinate, subvert, beat, humiliate, and conspire against those that have any disagreement with their ideology. They collude with international socialist organizations that are funded by enemy governments, terroristic groups, and wealthy ideologues.  They push and push with the dream of the right pushing back and falling into the trap of chaos, destabilization, and all out civil war. They long for this outcome because they know that history has proven that in times of insecurity, the people will accept any amount of tyranny inflicted upon them. We have seen this time and time again in the form Germany, Soviet Union, China, and scores of other totalitarian regimes.


The basic barrier to an all-out civil war in the United States is most of Americans just want to be left alone. They want only to achieve the American dream and be left to determine their own future and to fend for themselves and their families. Although, this is getting more difficult to achieve with the bombardment from media propaganda fighting to the death for the hearts and minds of the people. They are also winning this crusade, because they understand that they are in a war, while moderates and those on the right continue to have the hope that reason will prevail. With incident after incident, violent attack after attack, and injustices against those that oppose the left growing daily, it becomes ever more difficult to ignore the call to arms echoing in the distance. Possibly instinctively the average freedom loving American knows that if there is to be war than the left will win. Not through battle (because they are weak), but through destabilization of our country, which is their goal. Even through war, the right will not rid itself from the conspiring leftist. In the same way that after the defeat of the Democrats in the last civil war, the racists were not vanquished from our soil. It simply drove them deeper underground as can be seen in the KKK and the Democratic party and their continued exploitation of blacks within the Democratic plantation. It just forced them to better plan their long-term conspiracy to subvert our system of government for their totalitarian takeover.

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