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Cultural Marxism is Destroying America

A rant to the useful idiots and those that deliberately seek to undermine our union through their psychological subversion, obstruction, and misguided propaganda. To those that have been so influenced
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RESPONSE: HUNDRED HOUR Anti Fascism Protest Outside Fox News Building

Here’s another example of how the extremist leftist’s, The Young Turk and their show Aggressive Progressives, are promoting the overthrow of the United States of America. They outwardly call for
July 19, 20172

White Genocide in South Africa

An American point of view of how post-apartheid era within South Africa has turned into a crime ridden cesspool of racism, mob rule mentality, communism, poverty, black supremacy, and is
July 8, 20172

Pending War with North Korea, G20 F—kery, & Canada Sucks

Whether it be days, weeks, or months the North Korean regime will become a clear and present danger to the United States in the same way that it has been
June 29, 20172

Egyptian President of 1966 shrugs off the radical Islam – it crept in anyway.

Taking us back to 1966 we hear a speech by the then president of Egypt joke about the ridiculousness of government enforced sharia law.  As he tells the story of
June 23, 20173

The Main Goal of Schools is Not Education, It’s Conformity

Over the weekend, I had an interesting chat with a friend about her daughter’s preschool program. She confessed to me that she couldn’t wait until the school year was over,
June 21, 20173

America’s 2nd Cold Civil War

Generally, Americans have a deep seated revolutionary spirit. It doesn’t matter if you are a lefty, a righty, or something in between, your heart soars at the patriotic notion for
June 15, 20173

American Black Queer Muslim Activist Denies American Allegiance

Blair Imani, A self-described black queer muslim activist calls for tax funded safe spaces where muslims can get together in a safe space and talk about things they would not
June 15, 20172

University Faulty Forced to Take it From Black Supremacists

Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington is a symptom of the problem with the long-standing leftist infiltration on the education system within the United States. In this video, these “enlightened”
June 13, 20173

Culture Clash: Rape of the West

In the west, what third wave feminism overlooks is that there are times when women need the protection of men, such as in times of invasion.  This rejection by feminists